Date Description Witness
17-Sep-18 Phase 1 Opening Remarks

17-Sep-18 Phase 1 Bent Flyvbjerg (Expert)
18-Sep-18 Phase 1 Carl McLean
Sebastian Penunsi
Todd Russell
Jean-Charles Piétacho
19-Sep-18 Phase 1 Jason Churchill
Stan Marshall
21-Sep-18 Phase 1 David Malamed, Scott Shaffer (Panel)
24-Sep-18 Phase 1 David Malamed, Scott Shaffer (Panel)
25-Sep-18 Phase 1 David Malamed, Scott Shaffer (Panel)
Bob Moulton, Paul Stratton, Auburn Warren (Panel)
26-Sep-18 Phase 1 Bob Moulton, Paul Stratton, Auburn Warren (Panel)
1-Oct-18 Phase 1 Danny Williams
2-Oct-18 Phase 1 Danny Williams
3-Oct-18 Phase 1 Aubrey Gover
Prote Poker
Todd Russell
4-Oct-18 Phase 1 Todd Russell
Carl McLean, Rodd Laing (Panel)
Jean-Charles Piétacho
5-Oct-18 Phase 1 Stephen Bruneau
9-Oct-18 Phase 1 Wade Locke
James Feehan
10-Oct-18 Phase 1 David Vardy, Ron Penney (Panel)
11-Oct-18 Phase 1 Roberta Benefiel
Philip Raphals
12-Oct-18 Phase 1 Philip Raphals
15-Oct-18 Phase 1 Ken Marshall
Tom Clift
Gerry Shortall
Terry Styles
16-Oct-18 Phase 1 Ken Marshall
Tom Clift
Gerry Shortall
Terry Styles
John Mallam
17-Oct-18 Phase 1 John Mallam
Derek Owen
18-Oct-18 Phase 1 Derek Owen
Tom Brockway
19-Oct-18 Phase 1 Tom Brockway
22-Oct-18 Phase 1 Todd Stanley
23-Oct-18 Phase 1 Guy Holburn
24-Oct-18 Phase 1 Guy Holburn
Maureen Greene
25-Oct-18 Phase 1 Fred Martin
Darlene Whalen
Andy Wells
26-Oct-18 Phase 1 Tom Garner
29-Oct-18 Phase 1 MHI Panel
30-Oct-18 Phase 1 MHI Panel
31-Oct-18 Phase 1 Derrick Sturge
1-Nov-18 Phase 1 Derrick Sturge
Paul Lemay
2-Nov-18 Phase 1 Shawn Skinner
5-Nov-18 Phase 1 Dr. Stephen Bruneau (Reprise)
Terry Paddon
6-Nov-18 Phase 1 Tom Marshall
7-Nov-18 Phase 1 Tom Marshall
Jason Kean
8-Nov-18 Phase 1 Jason Kean
13-Nov-18 Phase 1 Paul Humphries
14-Nov-18 Phase 1 Robert Thompson
15-Nov-18 Phase 1 Robert Thompson
16-Nov-18 Phase 1 Richard Westney
17-Nov-18 Phase 1 Phase 1 Commercial Sensitivity
19-Nov-18 Phase 1 Paul Harrington
20-Nov-18 Phase 1 Paul Harrington
21-Nov-18 Phase 1 Paul Harrington
22-Nov-18 Phase 1 Jim Keating
23-Nov-18 Phase 1 Jim Keating
26-Nov-18 Phase 1 Gilbert Bennett
27-Nov-18 Phase 1 Gilbert Bennett
28-Nov-18 Phase 1 Gilbert Bennett
29-Nov-18 Phase 1 Gilbert Bennett
3-Dec-18 Phase 1 Jerome Kennedy
4-Dec-18 Phase 1 Jerome Kennedy
5-Dec-18 Phase 1 Jerome Kennedy
Charles Bown
6-Dec-18 Phase 1 Charles Bown

7-Dec-18 Phase 1 Charles Bown
10-Dec-18 Phase 1 Edmund Martin
11-Dec-18 Phase 1 Edmund Martin
12-Dec-18 Phase 1 Edmund Martin
13-Dec-18 Phase 1 Edmund Martin
17-Dec-18 Phase 1 Peter Alteen
Kathy Dunderdale
18-Dec-18 Phase 1 Kathy Dunderdale
19-Dec-18 Phase 1 Kathy Dunderdale
20-Dec-18 Phase 1 Kathy Dunderdale
22-Jan-19 Phase 2 Phase 2 Commercial Sensitivity
18-Feb-19 Phase 2 Jean-Charles Piétacho
Scott Shaffer (Grant Thornton)
19-Feb-19 Phase 2 Scott Shaffer (Grant Thornton)
20-Feb-19 Phase 2 Scott Shaffer (Grant Thornton)
21-Feb-19 Phase 2 Scott Shaffer (Grant Thornton)
22-Feb-19 Phase 2 Roberta Benefiel/Marjorie Flowers
25-Feb-19 Phase 2 Keith Dodson (Westney Consulting Group)
Dr. Guy Holburn (Expert)
26-Feb-19 Phase 2 Dr. Guy Holburn (Expert)
Paul Davis
27-Feb-19 Phase 2 Derrick Dalley
Todd Russell
28-Feb-19 Phase 2 Carl McLean/Rodd Laing
Anastasia Qupee/Clementine Kuyper
1-Mar-19 Phase 2 Pat Hussey
15-Mar-19 Phase 2 Larry Cavaliere, Ed Knox, Perry Snook, Ken White
19-Mar-19 Phase 2 Nik Argirov
20-Mar-19 Phase 2 Nik Argirov
Tim Harrington
21-Mar-19 Phase 2 Dr. Jim Gilliland (Williams Engineering)
James Meaney (Nalcor Energy)
22-Mar-19 Phase 2 James Meaney (Nalcor Energy)
25-Mar-19 Phase 2 James Meaney
Jean-Daniel Tremblay
Scott Thon
26-Mar-19 Phase 2 James Meaney
Normand Béchard
27-Mar-19 Phase 2 Normand Béchard
Derrick Sturge
28-Mar-19 Phase 2 Derrick Sturge
Paul Lemay
29-Mar-19 Phase 2 Paul Lemay
1-Apr-19 Phase 2 Tom Marshall
2-Apr-19 Phase 2 Kathy Dunderdale
3-Apr-19 Phase 2 BJ Ducey/Kelly Williams
Mark Turpin
4-Apr-19 Phase 2 Aaron Rietveld/Derek Tisdel
5-Apr-19 Phase 2 Bill Mavromatis
2-May-19 Phase 2 John Mulcahy
3-May-19 Phase 2 Thierry Martin/Laszlo von Lazar
6-May-19 Phase 2 Jason Kean
7-May-19 Phase 2 Jason Kean
8-May-19 Phase 2 Mauro Palumbo
Don Delarsosbil/Georges Bader
9-May-19 Phase 2 Don Delarosbil/Georges Bader
10-May-19 Phase 2 Darren DeBourke
13-May-19 Phase 2 Michael Kennedy
14-May-19 Phase 2 Ken McClintock
Des Tranquilla
15-May-19 Phase 2 James Meaney
Charles Bown
16-May-19 Phase 2 Charles Bown
21-May-19 Phase 2 Ron Power
22-May-19 Phase 2 Ron Power
23-May-19 Phase 2 Lance Clarke
24-May-19 Phase 2 Tanya Power
27-May-19 Phase 2 David Wade
Pat McCormick
Tom Walsh
29-May-19 Phase 2 Julia Mullaley
30-May-19 Phase 2 Julia Mullaley
Scott O'Brien
31-May-19 Phase 2 Scott O'Brien
3-Jun-19 Phase 2 Craig Martin
Paul Carter
4-Jun-19 Phase 2 Paul Carter
Auburn Warren
5-Jun-19 Phase 2 Paul Harrington
6-Jun-19 Phase 2 Paul Harrington
10-Jun-19 Phase 2 Ken Marshall
11-Jun-19 Phase 2 Cathy Bennett
John MacIsaac
12-Jun-19 Phase 2 Edmund Martin
13-Jun-19 Phase 2 Edmund Martin
14-Jun-19 Phase 2 Edmund Martin
17-Jun-19 Phase 2 Donna Brewer
Paul Myrden
Paul Morris
18-Jun-19 Phase 2 Brendan Paddick
Dr. George Jergeas
19-Jun-19 Phase 2 Dr. George Jergeas
20-Jun-19 Phase 2 Ed Over/Greg Snyder
Jamie Chippett/Martin Goebel/Dr. Susan Squires
21-Jun-19 Phase 2 Gilbert Bennett
25-Jun-19 Phase 2 Gilbert Bennett
26-Jun-19 Phase 2 Gilbert Bennett
27-Jun-19 Phase 2 Siobhan Coady
28-Jun-19 Phase 2 Jennifer Fiddian-Green
Stan Marshall
2-Jul-19 Phase 2 Stan Marshall
3-Jul-19 Phase 2 Stan Marshall
4-Jul-19 Phase 2 Dwight Ball
5-Jul-19 Phase 2 Dwight Ball
16-Jul-19 Phase 3 Peter Alteen / Dennis Browne / Jerry Earle / Kevin Fagan / Bernice Hancock / Denise Hanrahan / Lorraine Michael / Dr. Brandon Schaufele
17-Jul-19 Phase 3 Pelino Colaiacovo
18-Jul-19 Phase 3 Pelino Colaiacovo
A.J. Goulding
19-Jul-19 Phase 3 A.J. Goulding
24-Jul-19 Phase 3 Dr. Ole Jonny Klakegg
22-Jul-19 Phase 3 Gobhina Nagarajah
Judge Donovan Molloy
25-Jul-19 Phase 3 Dr. Kelly Blidook
26-Jul-19 Phase 3 Mel Cappe
12-Aug-19 Final Summations Counsel for Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
Counsel for Nalcor Energy
Counsel for Concerned Citizens Coalition
Counsel for Edmund Martin
13-Aug-19 Final Summations Counsel for Kathy Dunderdale
Counsel for Former Provincial Government Officials (2003-2015)
Counsel for Julia Mullaley and Charles Bown
Counsel for Robert Thompson
Counsel for the Consumer Advocate
14-Aug-19 Final Summations Counsel for Innu Nation
Counsel for NunatuKavut Community Council
Counsel for Conseil des Innus de Ekuanitshit
Counsel for Grand Riverkeeper Labrador / Labrador Land Protectors
Counsel for Astaldi Canada Inc.
Counsel for Former Nalcor Board Members
15-Aug-19 Final Summations Counsel for Newfoundland Power Inc.
Counsel for Dwight Ball / Siobhan Coady


Standing and Funding Hearing

April 2018 Opening Remarks, 6th